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Behind the name Chic Elegance is a world full of passion, creativity, style and sophistication. Founded in 1999, Chic Elegance has rapidly emerged as an international luxury brand producing exquisite designer Jewelry and accessories at the most affordable prices.

With a wonderful attention to detail the talented and successful creative director Deborah Thomas draws her inspiration from nature. The resulting collection of exotic flower pieces is wonderfully infused with the most elegant precision-cut teardrop diamonds and colored gemstones shapes, with endless possibilities of color and wear. Deborah believes that “a piece of jewelry is a construction with passionate attention to detail”, and abides to the originality and perfection of each and every piece remaining rich in appearance to satisfy customers.

Whilst being eye-catching the ethos behind Chic Elegance was to create “unlimited luxury”. These beautiful pieces of passion are what women dream of and can now be shared by all of today’s strong individuals. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then Chic Elegance is the perfect heaven.

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